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We're not just another PR Agency

Yes, we’re on first name terms with the journalists that matter. And yes, we know how to get your story heard.

But you need more.

You need a team that understands understands your business. The objectives that keep your CEO awake at night. How earned, owned, shared and paid media work together to drive real business impact. And that’s what we are.

A team with the same creativity and ingenuity that our city’s famous for. We don’t just deliver coverage, we deliver impact.

“Clarity is more than a communications agency. They’re a partner that is a seamless extension of our organization. With Clarity we gained four teammates, effectively a marketing department, who intimately understand our brand, internalize our special vision and values, and artfully build with us. Beyond just pushing the Germin8 brand, they’re a part of it.”

“From strategy and ideation to execution, Clarity has been with us every step of the way, helping us build a quality profile for our business and diligently managing all aspects of communications for our fast-growing company.”

“In less than a year, in spite of and because of COVID, Trilith Studios, with Clarity’s help, has solidified its new brand among industry leaders not only as North America’s second largest purpose-built movie studio, but as a thought leader in the space. Together, we were able to leverage today’s scary and unfortunate circumstances to generate visibility and confidence in our Studios’ timely and thorough response to the Pandemic and build our brand as a result.”

Michael Lavin
Founder and Managing Partner | Germin8 Ventures

Vidyuth Srinivasan
CEO | Entrupy

Frank Patterson
President | Trilith Studios


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No matter your size, stage, or industry, we’ve got the resources and experience to help your firm make the next step.

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